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A Guide to Good Torrenting

1.  Never run more than one torrent upload at any one time
2.  Never run more than one torrent download at any one time
3.  Stop or better still temporary remove all other torrents
4.  Make sure your client has your upload & download speeds correct
5.  Do not use your internet connection for anything else while
    Seeding or downloading files.
6.  Always use 'Initial Torrent' or 'Super Seeding' for large 
    uploads when you are the original seeder.  IE torrents who
    contain 500 MB or more data unless you can seed at the same
    speed as you can download (not common).
7.  If you are the original Seed stay with the swarm until at
    least two other peers have started seeding for you or the
    distributed files are greater than 200% in the swarm as a
    whole, otherwise when you leave the swarm may die.
8.  If you are a downloader and have 100% of the files and 
    therefore become a seed, stay with the swarm until you have
    uploaded the same amount of data that you downloaded.  This
    is often called a 1 to 1 Ratio and is the correct thing to
9.  LEARN EVERYTHING you can about your bit torrent client.
    Knowledge is fast torrent swarms, good uploads and download
10. NEVER seed torrents larger than 4.7GB unless you know what
    the heck you are doing, have the upload bandwidth and 
    resources to keep seeding until the job is done.

Finally don't just be a peer and download only.  Make your own
torrents with all the cool stuff you can share with us and 
seed till it hurts...  Thank you.  Rigmar Radio - Seeding
to the World since 1992.
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