Dong Zhongshu a 'Confucian' Heritage and the Chunqiu Fanlu by Michael Loewe (2011).pdf

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Dong Zhongshu,
a ‘Confucian’ Heritage and the
Chunqiu fanlu
China Studies
Published for the Institute for Chinese Studies
University of Oxford
Glen Dudbridge
Frank Pieke
Dong Zhongshu,
a ‘Confucian’ Heritage and
Chunqiu fanlu
Michael Loewe
This book is printed on acid-free paper.
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Loewe, Michael.
Dong Zhongshu, a “Confucian” heritage and the Chun qiu fan lu / by Michael
p. cm. — (China studies, ISSN 1570-1344 ; v. 20)
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 978-90-04-19465-6 (hardback : alk. paper)
1. Dong, Zhongshu, 2nd cent. B.C. 2. Confucianism—China—History. 3. Dong,
Zhongshu, 2nd cent. B.C. Chunqiu fanlu. 4. Confucius. Chun qiu. I. Title.
II. Series.
B128.T824L64 2011
ISSN 1570-1344
ISBN 978 90 04 19465 6
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