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Tales From The Arcade
"I'll swap four of my tapes
for your Activisionr
,' . . • ,
One thing you can be sure of.
Buy any Activision software and you'll find
you're walking slap, bang into a totally new
experience. One that lasts.
See the first titles in your usual
software store now.
You know the feeling A couple of
plays and the best you can hope for from so
much of the software around, is swapping it
for something better.
Well, the something better has arrived
tiMilitaktilloiltM I I 310N®
Your computer was made for us.
Facts and fiction, games and
gossip — as well as From The
Hip, QL Affairsand
Sin clairwatch.
Going Over Boards Key yourself
up for the YS hardware report —
this month, it focusses on add-on
keyboards. Henry Budgett.
Smooth Moves If your screen
output sometimes looks like it's
suffering from a bad case of the
shakes, summon our sprite routine.
Simon Goodwin.
Suddenly, It's The 64K Spectrum!
Have you got 64K of usable
memory inside your Spectrum, just
waiting to be set free? Find out
inside. Simon Goodwin.
Rumbles 1 2
Sifting through the rumours
• Ron Smith checks out what the
software houses are really up
Top 20 1 4
The August charts — as voted
by you, the readers.
Forum 1 7
Words of wisdom with petulent
prose, all from thc postbag.
Subscriptions 20
Joystick Jury 43
Reviewing the latest software
this month is the Stevenage
Computer Club.
Spectrolysis C7
Still on the subject of channels
and streams, Ian Bearcismore
provides details on how to set
up a new channel.
Back issues
Basic At A Stretch Tired of the
Spectrum's command set? Details
inside of how to add up to 26 new
commands. Gavin Smyth.
Rapscallion Rap YS takes a look
around the newest multi-screen
graphical adventure from Bug-byte
— Rapscallion. But does it live up
to the claim of being 'the next
Manic Mine? Ross Holman.
Circe 'Putting
the record straight'
on the QL, Sinclair
Research meets
with the press
at the Carlton
Tower Hotel.
Roger Mlinford
on your Spectrum by John Tydeman,
and Chip Chat by Stephen Stratford.
Ita.••••10, fl
YS T-shirt offer
Look cool in a Your Spectrum
T-shirt — no programmer
should be without one!
Make friends, publicise your
club or swop your software —
all for free!
Softening Up The Hardware The
final part of the I'S DIY
Centronics interface. John Flenley.
Gown Illustration by Mark
Miter Roger Munford: Managing Editor Bruce Sawford: Depots J.
Andrew Pennell, Software Consultant Gavin Monk; Contributors Ron Smith. Gavin Smyth. Simon Goodwin. lienry Bodeen. Ross Holman. Stevenage r 'timputer
nub, John Henley. Ian Beardsmore. John Tydeman, Stephen Stratford; Art FAitor Hazel Bennington; Art Assistant Sieve Broadhurst; Group A
dser tusini Manager
Jill Harris: Advertising Shane Campbell. Nik Saha. Dave Baskerville Typesetters Carlinpoint; Production Manager Sonia Hunt; Group Art Director Pcrry Nesulle;
Publisher Stephen England Published by Sportscene Specialist Press Ltd, 14 Rathbone Place. London WIP I DE. Company registered in Logland• -
telephone cali
depar tm ents) 01-631 1433, Telex 8954 139 Huncha Repetodection Graphic Ideas. Lontkin; Printed by Chase Webb Offset. St Austell, Cornwall, Distribulion
Seymour Press. 334 Brixton Road, London SW9. Telephone 01
whole or part without the written consent of the publishers. Your Spectrum is a monthly publication,
Outperforms any Specttaum interface
The unique Turbo interface from Ram gives you al these
features - and more - in one unit
Or call our credit card hot line on 02514 25252, (Access and
Visa welcome).
Ram Electronics (fleet) Ltd, 106 Fleet Road, Fleet. Hampshire
* A variety of interfaces including Rom cartndges, two 9-way D plugs
for standard joysticks PUS full expansion bus at rear.
* Compatible with Kempston and Protek protocols,
* Works with latest Quickshot Mk II auto rapid-fire joysticks!
* Chace of Rom cartridge or tape cassette software.
* Instant program lading with cartndge software.
* Built-in power safety device - unique to Ram Turbo.
* FIJI one year guarantee.
[Please send me:
Spectrum Turbo Interface(s) at 122.
+ p+p (overseas orders 13 p+p)
Quickshot II Joystick
(Only when purchased with Turbo— normally i1295 + p+p)
I enclose cheouelpostal order or charge my AccessAftsa for i
* Immediate availability- 24 Hr despatch on receipt of
PO/ credit card details (cheques- seven days).
* Incredible value - only £2295.
So don't wait around - simply complete
the coupon and send rt to us today
TURBO To Rom Electrorocs ineetl Ltd 106 Beet Road Fleet Hampsture QJL3ESPA
Trade and export enquiries welcome.
A new Teletext adaptor
is now available for both
the I6K and 4SK
Spectrum, thus giving
Spectrum users all the
facilities of the four
Teletext channels at a
fraction of the cost of a
special Teletext TV. The
TIN 2000 adaptor costs
f 145 and includes a
power adaptor, ZX
Interface cable and
detailed instructions.
The maker, OE Lid,
happens too to be
designer and
manufacturer of the
prism VTX 5000
modem (which won the
1984 'Peripheral of the
Year' award) and the
company has ASO
announced plans for a
telesoftware program to
allow all TIX 2000 users
to receive and download
specially broadcast
software — rather like
the BBC is trying out at
the moment on Ceefax.
The downloader facility
will be available as an
upgrade ROM.
Camel Products has
been hard at work
producing even more
hardware additions for
the humble Speccy —
this time, its four new
products all relate to the
use of EPROM&
Camel's first release is
which allows the
programming and
checking of 8K and I6K
EPROM& Next up is the
ROM-SP; this lets you
load and run EPROMs
from power-up. without
making use of the
Spectrum's own ROM.
The last two devices are
EPROM erasers —
designated the DHOBI I
and DHOBI 2, the latter
also includes a tuner.
For the inside
information, contact
Camel Products;
telephone 0223 3148 14.
Following months of
speculation, Liverpool-
based software house,
Imagine, has finally
bitten the dust.
Rumoured to have been
struggling for quite some
time and now having run
out of money and
excuses, the company
has finally been placed
into the hands of the
official receiver.
The reasons for failure
are not likely to be
known in any detail until
the dust has cleared. but
poor sales and a failed
contract with publisher
Marshall Cavendish
were two major
contributors to Imagine's
downfall. Other
contracts which Imagine
was rumoured to be
negotiating — with
Apple and IBM — failed
to materialise in time to
save the company.
The deal with
Marshall Cavendish was
to supply software for
M PUT — a partwork
publication dedicated to
the art of writing your
own games. Accepting
the advance of a
reported £200,000,
Imagine reputedly
invested the same
amount again in
equipment to handle the
job — which explains
why, when Marshall
Cavendish rejected the
games. Imagine was left
out of pocket to the tune
of £400,000.
In a drastic move
calculated to lift
Imagine's financial
situation out of the mire,
the company attempted
to auction off its entire
range of best-selling (sic)
titles. K-Tel. Prism and
Virgin Software were
reported to be interested
parties; eventually,
however, a deal was
signed with distributor,
Beau-Jolly. This landed
Imagine in court with
rival distributor Zeta
Services which claimed
to hold a contract giving
it sole rights to the titles.
Imagine made a counter-
claim that Zeta had
breached the contract by
refusing to take delivery
of existing stocks by the
agreed date.
.. - .;.•i;;: •
c assofta anyone? imagene ex-director BruCe E yetis s zrooms off to form a now
Meanwhile, back at
Imagine's HQ. Technical
Director Bruce Everiss
(who resigned from the
company, along with
Information Manager
Tim Best just a week
before liquidation)
informed us that he was
in disagreement with the
three other directors.
Interviewed after the
crash, Everiss
commented that
financial mis-
management was a
factor in the failure of
the company; Financial
Director tan
Hetherington felt moved
to say little in reply to
Everiss"off the record'
claims, but blamed the
collapse on the
overheads incurred by
the Marshall Cavendish
contract. Mention was
also made of piracy of
Imagine products;
Hetherington claims that
pirated tapes were
uncovered not long ago.
(Could this be the first
official mention of the
oft-rumoured 'find' of
bootlegs in a London
warehouse back in
January? Ed.
As the smoke clears
amid predictable
acrimony, perhaps the
I biggest question of all is
tornici directors lan
Hetherington, Mark
Butler and David
Lawson, in the
formation of a new
company. Hetherington
confirmed that the rights
to the existing Mega-
games are now the
property of the receiver,
but hinted that the new
(and as yet unnamed)
company would be
creating its own Mega-
games. Which might go
some way to explaining
the rumours that are
flying around that
Imagine's ex-
programming team is
presently holed up in a
secret location putting
the finishing touches to
Bandasnatch. The job is
reported to be 80 per
cent complete.
Bruce Everiss, too, is
setting up his own,
separate. company but
wouldn't at press time
gel down to the nitty-
gritty of telling us what
it'll be doing; under
existing law, there's
nothing to prevent
former directors of a
liquidated company
acting as directors of a
new company.
Watch this space for
news of the emergent
companies, when and if
they appear.
what will happen to the
so-called Mega-games —
the project on which the
company was devoting
much of its time and
resources. Due for
release sometime in
August at a price of £40
each, the games are said
to offer graphics mid-
way between ordinary
micro graphics and the
type of laser-disk realism
seen in the amusement
arcades. Modestly,
Bruce Everiss was heard
to say that "The Mega-
games will make all
other products obsolete
overnight...." a
comment that seems to
have back-fired
The rights to the
Mega-games already in
progress when Imagine
went into liquidation are
now the property of the
official receiver,
representing a company
asset which can be used
to pay the estimated EY.
million owed to
creditors. The
intellectual rights to the
concept, however,
remain the property of
the copyright holders.
And this is where the
plot thickens, for the 18-
strong programming
team of Imagine will
apparently be joining
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