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The Experimental Log of the
Crazy Lich
The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich
Alternative Name:
Angry Squirrel (愤怒的松鼠)
Chinese Novel, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy,
Mature, Romance, Seinen, Tragedy
Translator(s)/Translation Group:
Gravity Tales, StarveCleric
This is the story of a crazy lich carrying a game system and terrorizing an
entire world.
”Let’s look at the daily quest today… These two bullshit choices again,
destroy any city with 30 thousand and above people, rewards of 10
thousand evil points. Take the lollipops of three little kids, rewards of 1
point. If both are not done then -2 points.”
“Cuih! You think I’m stupid, if I really destroy a city I’m guaranteed to
spawn a squad of medieval paladins full of epic ranks to come and subdue
me. At that time I won’t be able to spend anything. I’ll just kindly be my
lollipop bandit.”
I’ve already had enough of being a notorious lich, who says that liches can’t
be good people? I definitely have to beat this damned system and be an
upright good person..
Chapter 26
The Pitiful Holy Knights (RT)
“15 years ago, when I was still working hard in the Basic Warrior
Academy, I was the pride of my parents and teachers. Whenever the
villagers in my hometown see me, they would lament ‘why are the children
of other families so outstanding’.”
“When I was 10, I had already grasped over 10 types of basic fighting
techniques and had successfully advanced to the Iron-rank. I became the
pride of the school, the future hero. I was always surrounded by my cute
female juniors. Walking around in school, I would always ‘accidentally’
display my genius…”
“‘That genius from B class? He has only managed to grasp the concept of
consecutive counterattack, right? If he were to continue working hard for
another 10 years, he might have half of my current standards.’ Casually
criticising those idiots without talent, I enjoyed the look of admiration and
praises from my cute female juniors. I thought that my life would continue on
like this until the end of time, that when I grow up, I would become a great
hero and marry a rich woman. Until that day…”
“‘Talent for Divine Arts? The notification for the qualification of Academy
of Holy Light? To be able to become a noble Holy Knight, I’ll go, I’ll go!’”
The me then had been looking forward to become that golden shining Holy
Knight. When I was overjoyed upon receiving the notification of my
qualification, I seemed to have ignored the worried looks on my parent’s
“Noble Holy Knight? It seems like a bright future but in reality, it is just the
start of a nightmare…”
“Graduation equals to unemployment? How can this be, I am the genius
Knight of the Academy of Holy Knights that appears only once a decade!!
Look at my Holy Light!! Look at my Noble Charge!!”
“I’m sorry, we are all devoted believers in the Holy Light. What we need
are talents who can help to spread our preaching and not violent warriors
who can only fight and kill. Our department should only consist of 12
people but now it is exploding with 24 people. Everyone here has graduated
from the Academy of Holy Knight and going by logic, they are all your
seniors. So, why should they give their place to you?”
“I… Then I’ll go and become a free adventurer.”
“I’m sorry, as a Holy Knight, you have a responsibility to use your strength
to repay your gratitude to the Church of Holy Light. The 7th Holy Church is
lacking a volunteer to clean the altar and the toilets… However, volunteers
aren’t given wages but the Holy Light will pay you for your hard work.
Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it for too long. 3 years will pass in a
I still remember the gaze of the old Priest when he turned around to look at
me. “Boy, you’re a newcomer? I here have been working here for 20 years
old, tolerating everything to the point that my hair has turned white before I
managed to get back on the path. Enjoy doing the job, you snotty brat.”
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