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{4152}{4221}Albert Simon,
good weather news today.
{4224}{4300}In Normandie, they say "There's as much
sun shining hours on the All Saint's day
{4301}{4399}than weeks to blow in your hands."
Now the beautiful fall ends,
{4406}{4529}the trees will turn bald and my hair will
grow back. Rain asks to be washed down!
{5024}{5095}RELEASED ON THE 2 OF NOV. 1970
{5224}{5292}Here we go again with that shit.
{5572}{5659}I put some music. I guess you didn't
hear much of it across the street.
{5703}{5786}An espresso. Make it strong, I've been
waiting for this for five years.
{5789}{5863}Nobody cared to pick you up?
Not even a friend?
{5866}{5950}No. I've got only one
and he can't come.
{5951}{5990}He's too far?
{5992}{6087}No, he's just across the street.
But he still has 43 days to do.
{6091}{6160}Then you'll come to pick him up.
- I don't know if I'm gonna could
{6161}{6233}but anyway there's gonna
be people waiting for him.
{6497}{6561}RELEASED ON THE 15 OF DEC.
{7077}{7184}Remission! What does it mean?
He was supposed to serve six years.
{7202}{7277}It's unfair.
- He was a model prisoner.
{7282}{7337}I really can't help it.
{7437}{7551}Don't worry, I've got four men
waiting for him. They won't miss him.
{7619}{7678}What's the matter? Are you crying?
{7766}{7825}He's still my husband.
{8152}{8286}Aubin, you won a remission thanks
to your exemplary behaviour.
{8294}{8408}But we're gonna do more.
We'll help you not to fall again
{8410}{8518}in the diabolical spiral of crime.
{8521}{8590}Superintendent Caillaud had an idea.
{8595}{8718}I put you in so I wanted to be there to help
you out in the best possible conditions.
{8745}{8803}Count Charles Varese's men
are waiting for you outside,
{8804}{8870}we can't let them slaughter you, do we?
{8871}{8908}Come have a look.
{9011}{9058}There's four of them.
{9059}{9119}The driver is Djemal, an Indian.
{9121}{9170}That's Reuter, you already know him.
{9176}{9228}So as Tosca, the Italian.
{9241}{9350}Here's a new guy, Congo.
An American bully.
{9427}{9497}Why don't you lock them up?
They're right in front of you!
{9499}{9589}I agree they're killers but they're
also registered executives!
{9596}{9663}With pay stubs and papers in order.
{9666}{9755}Is the count such a big shot?
- You know I'm just a humble superintendent.
{9757}{9818}And I won't change the world
five years before retirement.
{9820}{9860}That's a shame.
{9862}{9915}You're right, that's a shame.
{9920}{10001}In the meanwhile, you're gonna
take a tunnel who'll lead you
{10010}{10075}two streets away in
a building's cellar.
{10077}{10141}- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
{10187}{10294}But by the way, Aubin...
We're saving your life right now...
{10322}{10386}You agree, don't you?
We're saving your life.
{10458}{10519}That deserves a piece
of information, no?
{10614}{10754}You tell us where the jewels are hidden.
Just in a friendly way...
{10764}{10816}Santini gets them.
{10880}{10945}- You heard everything, my dear friend.
- That's crystal clear.
{10947}{11018}After three years in jail,
he's still the same!
{11025}{11120}I questioned him myself for two days
and two nights, he's always deny.
{11184}{11304}- What's gonna happen to him?
- He'll tell us like a good boy
{11307}{11425}where he hid the jewels and that's all.
That's all I want.
{11453}{11501}Are they gonna torture him?
{11521}{11579}Dunno. We'll see...
{11606}{11689}And you're the one who mentioned
the jewels after all.
{11794}{11847}You don't want them anymore?
{11876}{11910}I want him to stay alive.
{11913}{11972}So that's your final word:
you don't have the jewels?
{12085}{12156}Then you'll go out on your own
by the main door.
{12179}{12240}But those guys don't belong to
the League of Human Rights.
{12242}{12283}They'll know how to make you speak.
{12288}{12367}You'll end up regretting
the good old republican police.
{12386}{12419}That's a shame.
{12422}{12514}The two of us could have get along.
- It's true: that's a shame.
{12519}{12576}Rethink about it, Aubin...
{12578}{12644}THAT'S ENOUGH!
Santini gets the jewels, okay.
{12647}{12727}It's a nicely packaged story but we don't
buy it. Your Santini doesn't exist.
{12729}{12794}Nobody knows him,
nobody ever saw him: he's a ghost.
{12797}{12872}You never had any accomplice, anyway.
You always worked on your own.
{12874}{12988}You hid the jewels. Everybody told it
at your trial, even your wife.
{12996}{13047}My wife is a bitch.
{13076}{13161}- I'm not a bitch.
- Of course. But when a woman
{13163}{13247}has been bitchy with a man,
she can be bitchy with another man.
{13271}{13315}I'd better be cautious.
{13590}{13712}George won't move from the door.
- Hello, Countess. Hello, Count...
{13788}{13894}- You've seen?
- So if I get it, I can't go out anymore.
{14050}{14136}It's just to avoid you making
something stupid. Like going at
{14140}{14221}the prison, for example.
- To do what?
{14252}{14366}- To give him a hand.
- He said he wanna kill me; I'm not crazy.
{14391}{14496}Anyway, if he wants to reach you,
he's gonna have a long way to go.
{14499}{14532}Come have a look.
{14572}{14650}Look who's waiting for him:
Manuel in the car park;
{14651}{14721}and inside the Meari,
Albert and Daniel.
{14802}{14860}See? I thought of everything.
{14885}{14943}I don't want to lose you.
- My love!
{15183}{15240}It's okay, you can come in.
{16656}{16693}- Hello, sir.
- Hello.
{16744}{16805}A shandy.
- With lots of beer or lots of lemonade?
{16807}{16852}With lots of both.
{17876}{17914}What are you drinking?
{17976}{18016}Not a bad idea.
{18054}{18108}And you?
- A Ricard.
{18111}{18178}- Two shandies and a Ricard, please.
- Yes.
{18285}{18344}I have to take a leak.
{18370}{18404}Go with him.
{18683}{18722}Can I go, now?
{18849}{18899}I was afraid you won't be here.
{18903}{18961}Don't worry, I planed everything.
{18972}{19047}What are we doing? There is four of them,
I hope you brought a bazooka.
{19049}{19105}You'll go with them and I'll come
at the right moment.
{19107}{19140}What if you don't come?
{19142}{19209}I'd be waiting for Zorro while
I'd get my face smashed in.
{19212}{19289}I'll be there before they get a chance
to touch you, don't worry.
{19292}{19345}And her? Do you know where she is?
- Come on, don't you start
{19347}{19389}bugging me again with your chick!
{19391}{19460}I told you: don't worry,
I planed everything.
{19497}{19574}- How far have you got?
- Just a sec! There's no rush!
{19598}{19628}Okay, let's go.
{20080}{20117}They got him.
{20638}{20674}Here they come.
{20944}{21026}Hey, Serge; how do you
like being outside?
{21221}{21325}If we need you, we'll call you
on the entry phone. Understood?!
{21725}{21777}I hope you don't mind
if I walk first.
{22737}{22796}Hey, go wait in the hall.
{22849}{22895}Come on, in the hall!
{22974}{23015}Okay, put him through.
{23101}{23202}Hi, Serge. I heard you want
to speak to me about the jewels.
{23226}{23325}I know you have them because a husband
has no secret for his wife.
{23464}{23607}You got away from me once three years ago.
But now I want you to talk.
{23892}{23947}You know, Carla, I'm gonna kill you.
{23949}{23997}I'm gonna kill you!
{24035}{24077}I don't know anything!
{24145}{24222}I'll go at my office.
You'll let me know.
{24441}{24485}It's Santini!
{25495}{25567}If he makes it,
he'll break the record.
{26060}{26143}- Is that you, honey?
- Yes, it's me.
{26641}{26689}He didn't break the record.
{27062}{27100}Where are the jewels?
{27168}{27230}Okay, let's try. But I disagree.
{27232}{27306}Electroshocks of variable
intensity and length
{27319}{27410}successively given on
the main nerve centers.
{27416}{27479}It's awesome!
- I don't know anything.
{27541}{27599}How do you manage
to keep your chin up?
{27647}{27701}I fight for a right cause.
{28214}{28270}CARNAL PRELUDE
{28392}{28439}What are you doing, sir?
{28661}{28701}Oh, yes! Again.
{28750}{28795}I don't know anything!
{28977}{29010}Plug it.
{29136}{29164}Do I start?
{29172}{29202}Go ahead.
{29314}{29357}The fuses have blown.
{29362}{29386}I can see that.
{29429}{29510}Oh, yes; tighten me hard.
{29560}{29605}I love it.
{30670}{30714}I'm gonna waste you!
{33820}{33851}Untie him.
{33912}{33946}Hurry up!
{34033}{34108}What's the names of your friends
in the Volkswagen? - What?
{34111}{34162}Come on, what's their names?
{34183}{34231}- Pierre and Carlo.
- Thanks.
{34507}{34541}It wasn't too long, isn't it?
{34557}{34643}You didn't worry? - Of course not
since you'd planed everything!
{34712}{34807}- No more than 30 seconds!?
- No more than 30 seconds.
{34814}{34901}- And the second time?
- There's no second time.
{34936}{34988}After, I'm beat, I just fall asleep.
{34990}{35058}- Did you tried some medicines?
- You bet! Medicines...
{35060}{35141}Pierre, Carlo... Come quickly!
{35218}{35268}I tried everything,
even sport; come on!
{35269}{35332}- And?
- I run the 100 meters in 12 seconds.
{36674}{36730}Yes, we've done a wonderful work.
{36734}{36789}But now the lesson's over.
I'm fed up with it!
{36792}{36868}You understand?
I'm nervous today. Nervous!
{37034}{37075}So now, relax.
{37120}{37166}Me have little shower.
{37371}{37436}What!? Do you wanna
have a shower?
{37899}{37963}If it's what you want, go ahead.
{37983}{38057}After you.
{41624}{41701}- What's wrong with the elevator!?
- It's coming!
{41805}{41881}- I can't even...
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